The Blue Birds are Tweeting Part 1

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I often hear veteran teachers refer to their higher level students as the “Blue Birds”.  I guess that’s a reference to reading group names or something like that.  We all know that in addition to having those higher level learners in our classrooms, there are those higher level teachers in our schools and districts.  These are the teachers that I always went to for advice or saw presenting at local conferences.  I would often think, “I want to be her (or him) when I grow up.” 🙂  These teachers have so much to offer!  My advice to beginning teachers is to find one of these “Blue Birds” and be a sponge.

The “Blue Bird” teachers of the world, are “Blue Birds” not only because of their knowledge and expertise, but because of their willingness and desire to share what they know.  Social media has given us access to these teachers and their wisdom 24/7.  The place I find myself going to more and more often is Twitter.  Please don’t think of Twitter as “that place where people are updating their every movement and thought”.  Honestly, that’s what kept me away from it for so long. It may have started that way, but like all things, teachers have taken it and made it work to their advantage.  Educators from all over the world are constantly sharing ideas, links, and other resources on Twitter.  If I have a question or need advice, I can post to Twitter and have an answer almost immediately!  I can also choose to follow conversations on topics that I am most interested in.  Still skeptical?  Go to and search for a topic that you are interested in.  You might try “educational technology”, “common core”, or “technology integration”.  See what people are saying about the subject and grade level you teach.  I guarantee you, before long, you’ll be tweeting along with everyone else.  I’ve listed the conversations I’m following below.  Also, don’t forget to connect with me: @BoucherLauren, and come back for “The Blue Birds are Tweeting Parts 2 and 3“.

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