Spring Into the Season with Technology

According to my allergies, spring has sprung.  Depending on when you school’s Spring Break is, you and your students are probably chomping at the bit for a break from each other.  Here are a few spring tech ideas to help you through these last few days/weeks before the big break.

padletPadlet (web-based)

Upload an image of a Tree Map or other type of classifying graphic organizer to Padlet.com.  Share the link with your students and have them generate a list of spring words.  Here’s an example.

tellagamiTellagami (iOS & Android – Free)

Have students take a picture that represents spring (blooming flowers, bunnies playing, etc.).  Use that photo as a background for a Tellagami story.  Students can tell about their plans for Spring Break, their favorite things about Spring, or give a weather report about how the weather is changing.

Titanic:  Her Journey (iOS – Free TODAY (April 8th), regular price $4.99)

The Titanic hit an iceberg on April 14, 1912 and sank in the early morning hours of the 15th.  For a limited time, the iOS app Titanic:  Her Journey is free in the app store.  Have students explore information about the different decks, people, construction, and more within the app.  There are tons of great pictures to engage your students.  After exploring, have your students write a letter to a passenger on the ship, or have them write a story as if they were a survivor of the voyage.

Easter Egg Game (web-based)

Let your students decorate their own eggs.  Take screenshots of the eggs and post them to your class website or print them out.  Use the type of eggs chosen, type of egg cup chosen, and colors to make different types of graphs.  An example would be to make a bar chart of the colors chosen.  Take it one step further and have your students design questions to ask about the graphs you create.

Stop Motion Photography Apps (iOS & Android – lots are free)

Have your students create stop motion movies about how flowers grow, how clouds form, how tornados form, etc. This can be done by having them draw pictures and then use a mobile device to take photographs of the images while they’re being constructed.  The app then puts the photographs together to make a movie.

Educreations (iOS – Free)

Spring brings lots of changes to our planet.  For example, spring brings tornado season, the spring equinox signals changes in daylight, etc.  After completing units detailing these changes, have your students use a whiteboard app to insert pictures of these concepts, then narrate how these things happen and/or relate to spring.

Comic Creator from ReadWriteThink.org (web-based)

Have your students create a comic strip about spring.  Other ideas could be their plans for Spring Break, a story told from the perspective of the season itself, and a funny, persuasive story convincing people that spring is the best season ever!

I hope these ideas are useful to you.  Even better, I hope these ideas lead you to some creative ones of your own.  If you decide to use any of these, please tell us what you did and how it went in the comments below.  Have your own awesome spring tech ideas?  Share them below!!