Setting Up Filters in Gmail to Streamline Incoming Emails in a 1:1 or Paperless Classroom

In the last post, I shared with you a neat little trick for creating student accountsgmail filter image

for websites that have an age-restriction.  At the end of that post, I mentioned how you can keep your Gmail Inbox organized, neat, and clean by setting up filters to catch all those email confirmations and other correspondence.  Below, I’ll show you how!

Step 1:  Log in to your Gmail account.  Click on the drop-down menu with the image of a cog wheel on the top, right-hand side of the page.

gmail cog





Step 2:  From the drop-down menu, choose Settings.

gmail settings









Step 3:  In settings, click “Filters” in the top toolbar.

gmail filters


Step 4:  At the bottom of the “Filters” box, click “Create New Filter”.

gmail create new filter








Step 5:  When you click Create New Filter, a search box will appear.  This is where you will put in the parameters of what you want Gmail to search not only your incoming emails, but the emails currently in your Gmail account.  For example, if your students have just started creating Educreations accounts, you would put “@educreations” (or something like that) in the “From” field.  This means that Gmail will sort all of the emails already in your account as well as those incoming emails into whichever folder you designate.  Once you have set your parameters, click “Create Filter with this Search”.

gmail saving filters











Step 6:  After you have created your filter, you need to tell Gmail which folder you want to put all of those emails into.  Remember from my previous post that Gmail doesn’t refer to them as folders.  Instead they’re called “labels”.  Once you’ve created the filter, you will see this menu screen:

gmail applying filters










For the purposes of this blog post, you would click the radio button beside “Apply the label”, and then you’d choose which label/folder to send the emails to by clicking the drop-down box.  If you want the email to go straight into the folder and not make a stop in your inbox first, make sure to click the first option, “Skip the Inbox”, as well.  Haven’t set up your label yet?  No problem; you can do it straight from the drop-down box.

Viola!  Your filter is set up, and your Gmail Inbox will be kept clean and organized.  How else can you use filters in Gmail to stay organized?  Please leave a comment below and share how you’re using or want to use filters.  My next post explains why setting up filters is important in a 1:1 or paperless environment.  Click here to read it!