Alternatives to Clickers for Digital Assessments: Socrative

My apologies for not posting the second installment of Alternatives to Clickers for Digital Assessments last week.  It is my goal to post each Tuesday night and then the TechToolThursdays on…well, Thursdays.  Since I missed last week, I will post two times tonight in order to stay on my schedule….

TechToolThursday: Educreations, URL Shortener, and Lucid Chart

For my first Tech Tool Thursday, I’m sharing with you three tools that I share the most often with teachers in my district.  They are Educreations (tablet app), URL Shortener, and Lucid Chart.  Continue reading for screenshots, how-to’s, and implementation ideas!  By the way, these are all FREE!  If…

Google Chrome Apps and Extensions in the Classroom

I have a confession to make: For a very long time, I refused to use Google Chrome because I was a Firefox chick, and I’m a loyal kinda gal.  This is the same reason I waffled about trading in my PC for a MacBook when I accepted my new position….

Alternatives to Clickers for Digital Assessments: Extreme Collaboration

Lately I’ve been fielding a lot of questions from schools about clickers.  “Which brand should we invest in?”  “What are our options?”  To be completely honest, my favorite clickers are SMART Response Clickers…but that’s because those are the only ones I have a great deal of experience with.  I’ve used…

What Are Your Plans for Digital Learning Day 2014?

Have you ever heard of Digital Learning Day?  Yeah, me neither!  I saw someone post something on Twitter about it, so I had to check it out.  Apparently, it’s a pretty big deal, and it’s taking place on February 5, 2014!  According to the website,, “Digital Learning Day is about…

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