Help Menu & Audio Notes in Microsoft Word

Part of getting the job as an Instructional Technology Specialist is going back to school to get the 077 add-on license for Computers in Education.  I am currently taking the third out of seven courses, and part of my current assignment is to create a screencast showing how to use the Help menu within Microsoft Word and to show how to create audio notes.  Since this fits right in with the purpose of this website, I thought I’d share my screencast!  So, here ya go:

I have to admit that I was unaware of this feature within Word.  I’m currently using Word 2011 for Mac, and I don’t know which version the audio note feature was added to.  I do know that this has great potential for the classroom.  I can see teachers using Notebook view to create digital textbooks and the audio feature to add interactivity to the book.  Students could comment on text or images within documents, give audio feedback in a peer editing activity, etc.  The possibilities are endless!