Gmail Trick for Elementary Teachers Setting Up Student Accounts on Websites

Gmail Trick

I have been learning and sharing at NCTIES this week. NCTIES is North Carolina’s Technology in Education Society’s yearly conference, and it has been awesome! One of the neatest tricks I’ve learned this week is how to use your Gmail account to get around that typical age restriction for many websites elementary teachers use with their students. Here’s what you do:

1.) If you don’t have a Gmail account, create a free account.

2.) Assign your students a number 1 – 99.

3.) Students use your Gmail account + their number to create accounts on websites of your choice. Example: Your Gmail may be Student #4 will use

4.) Students can choose their own password or use one you give them.

5.) All emails from websites, like confirming the registration, will come to YOUR Gmail account.

How can you manage all these emails coming into you Gmail account? Set up a filter so that any emails coming in from the website you registered with go into a “folder” (called a “label” in Gmail) automatically.