Farfaria & TED Books: Must-Have eBook Readers for Your iPad

This is a short (5 minute) video sharing two eBook readers for the iPad.  Both have in-app book purchase options and an option to subscribe and get unlimited downloads.  TED Books is an app associated with the TED Conferences and TED.com.  The books within this app have been written by people who have given TED Talks, and are written to be read within about an hour.  Each book is $2.99, or you can subscribe for a year of unlimited downloads for $14.99.  Farfaria is an eBook reader app for primary-age kids.  Users are allowed 5 free downloads a week, or you can subscribe for $3.99 per month for unlimited downloads.  If you refer a friend, you get unlimited downloads for a week.  Check out the video for a very short demonstration of these apps.