Email Filters in a 1:1 and/or Paperless Classroom

gmail folders image

My past few posts have focused on the “HOW” of setting up filters in Gmail and a neat Google Gmail trick for creating student logins on websites that have an age restriction. Now, I’d like to focus on the “WHY”.

If you are lucky enough to have a 1:1 classroom, or if you’d just like to help save the polar bears and go as paperless as possible, you will see that you have many opportunities to have students submit work to you digitally (via a computer, mobile device, etc.). If you have students email you their work without setting up filters, you will quickly see your inbox explode! More than likely, you will miss or delete an email, put something in the wrong folder, and get stressed out when you see “243 New Messages”.

If you’re at all like me, you like to keep you inbox at less than 50 unread emails. Setting up filters will allow you to relax because Gmail is doing all of the work for you. You don’t have to worry about manually moving emails into folders based on assignment or class; you set up the filter once, and it’s done! This means that when you’re ready to sit down and grade the assignment, all you have to do is open the folder/label in Gmail and get to it. Life is simpler because you have used one of the FREE tools at your disposal to stay organized. Let’s face it: teachers have enough to worry about, and more than enough duties to be worried about a crazy email inbox. Do yourself a favor and set those filters up now. Kudos to those of you attempting to go paperless! ┬áIt’s pointless to have students use technology to produce work, then have them print it out…that’s not paperless,people!

Recap: Setting up filters in your Gmail will:
*Save you time when you go to grade the submitted assignments.
*Keep your Inbox nice and organized.
*Prevent those lost or deleted emails that contain important student work and messages.