Celebrating Pi Day 2013 with Technology

pi dayTomorrow, March 14, 2013 is Pi Day.  This day is in honor of that amazing irrational number 3.14yadayadayada.  Pi represents the circumference of a circle divided by it’s diameter.  What makes Pi such a cool number is the fact that it is an infinite number with no pattern of repeating numbers.  Check out Piday.org for more cool facts and a brief history of Pi.


Teachers across the globe are planning fun activities to celebrate this international “holiday”, so I thought I’d put a techie spin on things.  Below are some activities to help you bring Pi Day to life in your classroom, with a tech twist.

1.) Pi-ku using Haiku Deck iPad app: This is a mathematical form of the Haiku poems we all remember writing in grade school.  Instead of using the format 5-7-5 (syllables), use 3-1-4.  After writing the Pi-ku use the very simple, yet beautiful presentation app, Haiku Deck, to showcase your poem.  An example Pi-ku would be:


I love pie


its chocolate.

2.)  Learn Pi:  This free app allows you to practice, then test yourself to see how much of Pi you can memorize.  You also have the option to see the number to the umpteenth decimal point.  Are you ready for the challenge?


3.)  Use the free app Tellagamiand have your students create a video of the history of Pi.  To take it up a notch, have students create a background for the Gami that illustrates something to do with Pi.


4.)  Play Pi Attack2.  In this free app, you are racing against the clock to stop the Pi Alien from reaching the bottom of the screen by manipulating numbers based on their place value.  Sound complicated?  It’s really not.  Great practice for understanding place value!


5.)  Travel around your school and classroom and take pictures with your device of numbers 1 through 9 from different places.  Use the free Calculate Pi app (free for today!) to put the pictures together to represent Pi in an Animoto video.